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These boots are made for walking


HICKS provides a hand crafted shoe repair service. We undertake all shoe repairs, boot repairs and bag repairs. Our range of services includes soles, heels, stretching, upper repairs, zip replacement and leather repairs.   

Repairs are carried out by our skilled craftsman, all of whom have extensive training and knowledge of material and footwear construction, so you can be guaranteed that your shoe’s or boot’s will receive the very best care and attention.



We specialize in all types of shoe and boot repairs - both mens and ladies.  We can carry out almost any job you can think of from the smallest piece of stitching right up to a full long sole and re-welt.  Any job - any time!


You can also keep your shoes in tip-top condition by looking after the uppers as well. You can buy a wide range of shoe care at your nearest store.


Our workshop colleagues have over 30 years of experience. So we have some of the best working for us looking after our customers. In our workshop our experts can build a shoe from the ground up, from hand stitching on a new welt, replacing inboards then attaching the through soles, stitching them to the upper and finally adding the new heel tops before polishing and sending the back to the store and a happy customer.


  • Heels Refitted or new

  • Zip replacement or repair

  • Re-welting of good year welted shoes

  • Replacement shanks

  • Inner socks

  • Leather upper repairs

  • Bag repairs

  • Dr Martens, Commando and Golfer Units

  • Boot alterations

For further information please visit us or CONTACT US today

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